ZOSI HD 800TVL Day/Night 24 Infrared Leds Wide Angle 3.6mm CCTV Camera Home Security Outdoor Waterproof 65ft 20m IR night Vision bullet Camera white (metal case) Review


  1. Outdoor/Indoor camera

This is one of the key features of the ZOSI HD 800TVL. That’s because it provides more versatility for operating the camera indoors or outdoors. This is a critical feature because you can use the cameras inside the various rooms of your home or office, or outdoors around the perimeter of your property. It’s a better option than other cameras that can only be used indoors. Such units can certainly be helpful in boosting security in your home office. However, it’s a plus when you can also use the units outdoors. This provides a more comprehensive security system since it can be used nearly everywhere inside and outside the home or office building. This provides the best option if you’re looking for a security system that will cover your entire home or workplace.


  1. Waterproof

This is an important feature for outdoor cameras in particular. You’ll want to keep the security camera dry and operational when it’s raining, snowing, etc. There are various steps you can take to achieve that goal, such as positioning the unit in places where it’s likely to stay dry.

However, an even better option is to simply choose a waterproof camera. This will help to solve the problem since the components of the camera will be built to stay protected from the elements whether it’s rain, snow, sleet, hail, or other items.

Keep in mind that a weather-proof camera is going to cost most. However, in terms of durability it’s definitely worth the cost. That’s because you can have peace-of-mind knowing that the security camera will be protected and operable even if it’s a heavy rainfall or snowfall. In that case you’ll be 100% sure that the camera will still help to keep your home safe and sound. This is important to ensure that the camera is working in any weather.     


  1. Works on any TV, Security Monitor, or DVR

This provides great versatility because it’s important that the camera be compatible with various types of displays and video recording devices. That’s why this feature is so important. It’s definitely important for the footage to be recorded well. However, it’s also critical that it’s then easy to access, such as via a TV or security monitor. Users should also have the ability to record footage for future reference, such as via a DVR. This makes the ZOSI HD 800TVL and excellent option. You’ll not only be able to capture live-streaming footage, but also view it on a TV/monitor and record it using a DVR. This is a key feature as it provides more versatility when using the video camera.   


  1. Aluminum camera housing

It’s important that the security camera is as durable as possible. This unit has an aluminum camera housing, which helps to achieve that goal. For example, if the camera gets bumped the casing will help to protect the unit. That’s true whether you use it as an indoor or outdoor camera.

Another key feature of the aluminum housing is that it helps to provide better protection against the elements. That’s also critical if you want to keep your camera up and running. One way to help ensure that is to choose a security camera with a weather-proof housing.  


  1. 65ft/20m night vision

There are times when this will be a critical feature whether it’s indoors or outdoors. In that situation you’ll want to make sure that you can capture footage at nighttime, and within a moderate distance from the camera. If that’s your goal then the ZOSI HD 800TVL is a good choice. It will help to guarantee that you’ll be able to detect when there’s a suspicious person around your home or office. It’s critical for making sure that the camera is able to capture them on video footage. That’s why you should definitely consider this unit instead of others.


  1. Bullet Camera

You’re heard of a bullet and a camera, but how about a bullet camera? It might seem that it has something to do with the security that the camera provides, such as protection from intruders or something like that. However, in fact, the name of the camera is due to its shape and size.

They’re small cameras and have a fixed focal length lens. One drawback is that such cameras might produce images with corners that are a little cut off due to the design/shape of the camera. However, it typically won’t have a major effect on the functioning of the camera.

On the other hand, the small size of the camera makes it more versatile. You’ll be able to place it in all sorts of places whether it’s inside or outside a building. On the other hand, when you use larger surveillance cameras it will be more difficult to keep the cameras hidden either inside a building or outdoors. This can cause a security issue as it will be too obvious about the location of the camera.  

You’ll need to determine whether or not it’s worth possibly sacrificing the footage quality a little in order to make the camera easier to conceal. Both issues are important in terms of the functionality of the camera. However, you should consider various issues before deciding whether or not it’s the right camera for you. In some cases you might need to have a picture that’s as clear and complete as possible. However, in other situation the ability to conceal the camera might be more important for security purposes.  



reThe ZOSI HD 800TVL has received generally good reviews on Amazon. About two-thirds of Amazon customers have given the camera positive reviews. In particular it’s received positive reviews for the value the security provides for the price. In fact, at least one customer shared that they caught a thief during the first week they used the device. An image from the camera shows a car being broken into across the street.

In fact, some customers shared that they’re planning to replace some of their other cameras with a ZOSI HD 800TVL. That’s because they were so pleased with their purchase.


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