ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR with 700TVL cameras Security System

UIOne of the latest and so far one of the best security system that was released by ZMODO is this 8CH 960H DVR with 700TVL cameras security system. This new security system is equipped with new features that are very ideal in securing either your home or business. It is designed for an easy use since you can set up the whole system including hardware and cable connection with no special tools required and would allow to view the videos to your smart phone, smart TV’s , and external monitor.  This system produces the clearest analogue surveillance image possible for exceptional viewing on widescreen monitors or TV screens and with the use of this you can watch your home from anywhere, at any time.


Features of   ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR with 700TVL cameras security system


    • Goes with 960h high resolution. This provides larger and more detailed high quality video it has a digital zoom feature that will allow you to get a closer view of live or recorded video. And if you’re viewing it on big monitors you won’t be bothered by pixelated videos because this 960H provides widescreen images by default so the pixel ratio will fill widescreen monitors and TV thus allows you to view the videos without any distortion.
    • Intelligent Recording. This 960H DVR includes a normal recording mode and a new intelligent recording but you don’t have to choose which recording mode you would prefer to have.  It can record all cameras continually and motion detection. This has a special feature that whenever a motions is detected it records real-time @ 25fps, displaying detailed image and no movement detected it will record non real time @ 5 fps which will help you save disc space.
    • Alerts you if there is a motion detected. This has an option to set up email alerts with snapshot attachments of the incident to notify them whenever movement is detected and Enable push alerts via your Zsight App and you will receive alerts for any activity your cameras capture. Thus if you’re having a long day and doesn’t want to check out you security system don’t worry since you’ll be alarmed for any motion detected by your security system. Motion detector is extremely sensitive to detect motion so even just simple bush blowing in the breeze will be detected as motion which is a good thing.
    • Multiple monitor view options. You can view the videos live on your phone with the aid of the ZSIGHT app, as well as with HDMI monitor or you can do it using your TV and PC monitor.
  • Camera   features are awesome. It goes with exceptional image quality with 700 TV lines of resolution and a pixel size of 976x 494 that helps you secure your property. The clarity is excellent both day and night. It takes Wide Angle Coverage Capturing 70° horizontal field of view. The cameras are encased in IP 65 rating weatherproof aluminum metal which will fork either indoor or outdoor. And it has a Versatile Mounting Options that allows you the camera to be mounted either vertical or horizontal movement
    • Remote access can be done conveniently. You can make use of your smart phone, tablets or pc to do a remote access. Just make sure that your device has a compatible software. Devices with  iOS 6 up and Android version 2.3 up would be good for this device
  • Compatible with different operating system. This device is compatible with  Windows XP/ Vista / 7 / 8, IE Internet Explorer
  • Playback Video options. You can go to the settings and play back all the recordings, then make a clip if you want to, and delete whatever you don’t want.
  • Up to 4tb storage capacity. The package goes with 1TB Hard Drive Pre-installed in the DVR but you can upgrade it up to 4 TB.
  • Affordable Price. Compare to the others this security system is very cheap .Based on customer reviews you can spend a lot more for an IP based system but if you want something complete and inexpensive then you should check out this product and it provides 2 years warranty upon purchase.


Simple Remote Access Set-up of your security system

Here are the steps to set up the remote access of your security system. First, Connect the DVR to the Cameras & a Monitor. The setup is very easy, cables connections are ready to use and you don’t need any extra tool to set up your connection. You can follow the instruction on the Quick Guide that is included in the package or you can visit for you to see online instructions. The DVR contains HDMI, VGA and BNC connection if you would prefer to connect it to an external monitor and the like. Second is connecting to your wireless connection. You cannot view your camera system without internet connection. Then Download the Zsight App and register an account for you to view your camera system and finally scan the QR-Code on your DVR and Enjoy Live Viewing, that easy.

We often think of our security and the security of our family that is why we are investing in this kind of security devices. If you’re considering of buying a surveillance system then investing your money in this security system would be quite reasonable. With the entire best feature given above at an affordable price plus the 2 years warranty I believe it’s a quite a deal. It is a high quality security system that would definitely satisfy yours and your family security needs. If you have to leave your house or office and needs to check out your children or to check what’s going on around then this answers your problem. Not extravagantly expensive yet provides you the service that you need.  If you’re still in doubt you can always check it out with consumer reviews just to give you a hint about the product but to some up I believe this product is excellent.


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