iBaby Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera with Night Vision and Music Player Review

51+uGQsrVhL._SL1000_Is there a need for parents to buy a baby monitor camera? Of course, there is! Who wouldn’t want to watch the most unpredictable creature in the world? But a fair warning is given out to all baby monitor customers out there – once you get the device installed in your baby’s room, watching it can get addicting. The need for baby monitors only has risen recently, and to choose one depends on the need of the parents.

One of the best baby monitors to consider is the iBaby Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera.


Product Details

– It has max area coverage of 360 degrees pan and a tilt range of 110 degrees

– It is able to play soothing music for the baby using its iBaby music player.

– It can record voiceover of your baby’s favorite bedtime story using the iBaby voice recording

– You can watch over your baby through its crystal clear HD throughout day and night wherever you are. It will also capture images in high res quality

– It is user-friendly can be freely used in any Android or iOS devices with its own app. It is viewable from your PC as well

– It comes with 3 models: iBaby M6S, iBaby M6T and iBaby M6. Video resolution for each is 1080p Full HD for the first model, while the last two model shares similar 720p HD. The


Outstanding Features

With the iBaby Monitor M6, you will be able to see your baby in HD, as claimed by the manufacturer. The video will be streamed directly to any mobile device that the system supports, whether this is a tablet or a phone that is connected to LTE, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

The product is applauded by its manufacturer that it will certainly steal your heart. This was created with the purpose of making the lives of the parents easier. Now that it comes with 720p high definition video, 360 degree view, smart alerts and night vision, parents will always know exactly what or how their baby is doing. With its 2-way audio feature and the echo cancellation, parents are able to hear their child and even talk to them through their very own mobile device. Parents can also play lullabies from one of the files stored in the music library, or if parents prefer, they can record their very own.

The iBaby Monitor M6 enable parents or its users to invite as many users as they can to view the video feed from this device. Worried about privacy issues? This device comes with security configuration that will allow you to limit the view with the other people you have shared it with. It also has the Sleep Mode option that will get you to restrict the access of other users to the video feed.


Smart Alerts

You get to know what is happening in the baby’s room by having the motion and sound alerts turned on. You can save these alerts in the timeline as series of short video clips or photos.


Quick Installation

Unlike other products that claim about quick installation, they never specify how quick the installation can be finished. The manufacturer claims that iBaby can be installed in just as short as a minute. You will be able to enjoy the device right after you take it out of the box. You only need to download the iBaby Car app, then connect the unit and the mobile device that you are going to use to the internet or Wi-Fi. You get to enjoy your newly owned baby monitor in just less than a minute.


Privacy Control

Just like it was said before, you can allow other people to view the video feed of this device, but somehow you don’t want them to see everything, especially parts that you conclude as too private. You can turn on the Sleep mode of your device. This will restrict the access of other users that have access to your unit, although this is done temporarily. But you can’t do this all the time. You have the option of letting the other people get a live feed of the device, but you have the option to restrict how much they can access. This gives you full control over the iBaby monitor.


Music Recorder and Player

Babies really love music. And being a parent, you know which songs will really make them happy as they show that smile that kills you. Choose the baby’s favorites from the bedtime stories and lullaby that are stored in the library. But there are times that your baby loves your own singing! You can have your own lullaby recorded and played later when your baby needs it.


Customer Reviews

Since this has been around for quite a while, there have been reviews sent by those who have already bought this product. This will also serve you well in order to discern whether or not this is the right baby monitor device for you.

As with the advantages, the setup is quite easy, just like how the manufacturer has said it would. Next, there weren’t any problematic issues at all especially when it comes to reliability. If there were any issues related to the router, they were easily fixed. The app works great as well, which is the best part of the device. It is user-friendly and are quick to show its user the video. It is also even easy to set up the alerts and only requires quite a small bandwidth.

As with disadvantages, one major issue was how the monitor can’t look down. Although it is true that the monitor is able to rotate at 360 degrees, it seemed almost pointless how it can’t look down at the crib or under the bed. This is one issue that had other customers were having problems about. There is also no wall amount feature added to this device, which would have worked even better if it was the case.


Funlux KS-Y84UH 8-Channel Surveillance Security Camera System Reviews


51Jr0mhFGuLIf you are hoping to get a surveillance camera at home to beef up your security, you will certainly want to find the right unit that is in the market these days. Remember that there are a number of brands and makes and models that you can find around. But you certainly want to go for those that will give you the most of what you’re sending for the price. Use this opportunity to ensure that at the end of the day, you get exactly the right unit that the market has to offer.

Funlux’s KS-Y84UH may just be the ideal choice for you. The fact that it allows you to access the feed in your video in a matter of seconds makes it a really handy tool that will allow you to get a good idea of what is going on in your premises even when you are not around. You can be rest assured when you are at work or when you are somewhere that your home, your possessions, and your valuable are all in one piece with the help of such a handy surveillance and monitoring tool.

Of course, you want to learn more about the unit before you will decide to go through the purchase. This is an important decision and you would certainly want to see to it that you are getting the most out of such a choice. This is a good opportunity for you to look for the best surveillance camera there is that should d the work of keeping your home safe.


QR Code Scan

This allows remote access to the video feed coming for the camera in just a matter of seconds. People will love the fact that they do not have to constantly be worried of the state of their homes when they are far away since the camera is setup to allow one to take a look at the video feed coming in even when he is not at home. A smart phone or a tablet can be used to connect to the system through quick scanning its QR code. Now, remote access has never been made any easier.


8CH 960H DVR

This is where the power controls are located. The system is designed to serve as the administrative interface of the camera to makes it easier to control how it works and how it functions. This is where one can check on the video input and the display along with the remote access option. This is where adjustments on the video resolution can be done as well.


FreeZsight Apps

These apps are very useful at ensuring that you get to have a live view of what is going on at the specific places in your home that you have set up the camera. This allows you to have an easier time getting those videos played back too. It can be synched with your smartphone devices or your tablet to get you to successfully monitor the goings-on in your home eve when you are far away.


960H Recording Resolution

Ensures that the images that you get and the video quality you are getting is very high as well. Unlike many cameras that are offered cheap in the market, this one offers great quality images. This means that monitoring the details incorporated in the videos that you are going to be recording with the use of this surveillance tool. Expect none of those highly pixelated images that many cheap version cameras around tend to capture.




  • DIY setup- You do not really need to have to call an expert or hire a professional to get the whole thing set up in your home. It should be easy enough to figure out and there is a manual that the camera comes with that will help you go through the process more effectively.
  • Easy remote access- Thanks to the QR Code that the cam has, it will be easier to get it setup too for remote viewing. This is a very crucial feature especially since a lot of people often have a hard time figuring out what they need to do to allow themselves to view the feed and the images when they are away from home. Here, all they need to d is get the QR code scanned and it can now be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Email Notification- it can be set up in such a way where the user will be give email alerts and notifications in case motion is detected. This allows one to have easy access on the video feed to review it and to determine if the motion is something that noteworthy and suspicious or not.
  • 2-year warranty- If there is one thing that will give you an idea how good a product is, it is usually its warranty statement. Here, you get a full 2 years of warranty. It comes with a return policy of 60 days as well and buyers can expect a lifetime technical support.
  • Save space, money, and record longer- The camera is setup for intelligent recording. This makes it possible for you to record for more than 30 days if you will get a 50 GB hard drive which can be an additional purchase.



  • Unit has very little documentation- Figuring out how to use the device can be a little challenging due to the fact that there is quite little information and documentation provided for it. This should not be that hard to do though especially for people that have had the chance of setting up a camera surveillance before.
  • Setup is a little pain- Some may have a hard time determining what to do to get the setup done right.
  • Has a tendency to rewrite old footage- Some people have complained about how the camera shows message about how it needs disk to be formatted. This causes the old footage to be erased. Buying a larger hard drive to ensure that it can record for a long time may be a good solution.




Over all, what you are getting from this offering by Funlux is exactly what you are supposed to get considering how much it is being priced at. This is certainly not a bad thing since the camera does not come pricey. It functions exactly how a basic camera functions so it is certainly not going to be a disappointing choice.


DEFEWAY 720P HD 1200TVL Surveillance Camera System with 4CH 720P AHD CCTV DVR and 4 Outdoor Security Cameras NO Hard Drive – Quick Remote Access Setup with Free App – 110ft(33m) IR Night Vision Review


7194ojgO-qL._SL1000_If you are concerned with the security in our home, you will certainly want to find ways that you can get the security and the safety of your abode beefed up. While hiring a security guard to watch over your property the entire they can be a bit of a stretch there is a better and more discreet way of ensuring that you get to successfully look over the goings and comings in your home. The installation of a surveillance camera would not be such a bad idea.

DEEWAY is offering the 1200TVL with its 720 HD image capturing capacity. You have been hearing some good thing about it and these details seem to be rather impressive. Of course, you do want to see to it that you gather enough details first on how this unit is supposed to function when installed in your home. Thus, you are confident that this will indeed be a worthy purchase or not. You just have to figure what the pros and the cons are to see if the purchase is really going to be worth it.


High Definition Video Quality

This would certainly be top of the list of requirements that people will want to look for in a surveillance camera. This AHD security camera delivers 720p in HD and 120 TVL video. It has the ability to capture night IR night vision of up to 20 meters or 80 feet.


Easy and Efficient Remote Access

It is easy to view the feeds that the camera is capturing even when you are away from home. There is a free app that can be used to set it up for remote access in just a matter of minutes. This means that it is possible for you to view the feeds of your camera remotely whether through the use if a Windows PC or with a mobile devices everywhere and anywhere that you are.


Instant Alerts

This means that you will get notified in the event that the camera detects motion, this is a good thing as this allows you to really spring into action in the event that some motion may be detected by the camera that are quite questionable. Viewing the feed from your mobile device or your computer can be done live. You can choose to view them in playback too as the camera can record these footage that you may want to go ahead and review later on.


Free N-Eye Advanced App

This makes it possible to view playback or live feed on your smart phone and other mobile devices. There is only one button that should be used when it comes to recording and capturing images and video feed. The app allows the user to get email alerts whenever the camera detects some motion on the premises that it is set to survey and monitor.




  • Affordable price- This is certainly, hands down, the best thing that one can get out of such a surveillance camera. Still, one can trust that this is not the way too good to be true it can be fishy type of good. One can certainly find the fact that this is not a very expensive camera for the features that they are getting in return to be a deal that is way too good to be passed.
  • DVR with Hard-drive- This is a really good deal as this means that you will have more space to record footage on. Many of the cheap cameras that are sold round do not include a hard drive and they are usually something that you are going to have to shell additional numbers for. Though it is not a very big one but the fact that you get additional storage for your video indeed is one good deal for the price it is offered.
  • Four channels and four cameras- many camera systems these days offer four channels with two cameras or eight channels with 4 cameras only. While this is a good way to reduce costs and allows you to get the set expanded in the future, getting everything complete for the entire set is a really good deal. You get all four cameras for the four channels that are available in this system.
  • Metal cameras- Unlike most of the cameras that are on the market which are made of plastic, this one is made of metal. Still, it is important to note that the resolution is 720p. This is not low resolution but it is half of the 1080 p that other cameras may be offering.
  • Includes wiring- Buyers will be delighted over the fact that it come with all the set of wirings that are needed so you can get it set up and running as soon as possible. They are not that long though, but you can always buy more if you want to get them to run longer distances.



  • Not very clear instructions- The camera does come with instructions, but they can be very poor ones. It might be hard to keep up with the guide since it does not really say anything much of help at all. This should not be hard work though if you have actually set up a cam in the past.
  • Wiring leaves much to be desired- While it is offered with all the set for the wiring you need for setup, the wires are rather thin. They are not long as well. So, there may be a need for you to buy additional lengths.
  • Resolution is not the best- Compared to the 1080p that others are able to capture this cam only delivers 720p. Still, it is not a bad resolution to have. This is still effective for indoor use or for outdoor uses as long as they are shorter distance.




The market offers a wide array of options for you to select from. This is a good thing since this allows you to review the options you have and determine which of these surveillance tools are going to meet your needs and references very well. Moving forward, you are sure that you will have a toll that you can use to monitor the activities in your home especially when you cannot always be around the premises. With this offering from DEEWAY though, you can trust that you are indeed getting the most out of the price that you pay for such a surveillance system.

Amcrest 960H Video Security System Four 800+TVL Weatherproof Cameras, 65ft Night Vision, 984ft Transmit Range, 500GB HDD Review

Have you ever thought of installing your home with a video security system yet? If not, why not do it now? The need for video security system these days is at its highest peak, especially amongst commercial establishments. However, it doesn’t mean to say that it is only limited to that industry. Homes should be secured, too. If you see the media these days or the alerts coming from home security, you will realize just how unsafe your household is either from vandalism or theft. All of these can be solved if you just have the proper surveillance system that will monitor the entire premise of your house, throughout the day or night. Since there are so many surveillance systems in the market, one thing that you should consider is the Amcrest 960H Video Security System. It is lauded to have four 800+TVL Weatherproof Cameras, has features like the Night Vision capable of recording deep into the darkness of up to 65 feet and a transmit range of up to 984 feet. But is this all there is to see about this popular surveillance system? Read on further to find out more.

Product Details

– 4 hi-res 800+ TVL IP66 heavy duty metal cameras that are weatherproof, amazing video clarity and quality

– It comes with 24 IR LEDs in which it will automatically activate when the system detects low conditions in lighting. It will be able to see up to 20 meters or equal to 65 feet away, thus making sure of taking advantage with Scheduled recordings and motion detect feature together with the Night Vision feature. This will give the owners full control over the projection using the cameras to see all things that they care about.

– It has the pre-installed 500GB HDD that can be expanded up to 3TB. It is capable of recording 6 continuous days at its highest resolution. It also has longer recording times which can last up to 30 days, available with the use of motion detection and/or together with lower settings for the resolution.

– You can record and view in widescreen feature using the Remote Viewing through any devices that are using Android or iOS platform. You will use the system with the Amcrest Link app, which is already included in the package.

– For the user’s peace of mind, there is the USB backup feature

– Heavily built IR-LED night vision

– Heavy duty weatherproof metal IP66 cameras good for the outdoors and indoors

– It includes 1 year warranty from Amcrest once it is purchased

Amazing High Resolution Video


The 960H standard for video security offers a widescreen HD quality using its cutting-edge image sensors that permits 34 percent increase resolution over the traditional systems used for surveillance cameras. It was thought out to be that 700 was the highest line density possible for video security cameras, until the 800+TVL technology was released. The DVR system is able to handle the amazing density detail produced by the 800+ TVL technology, thus goes a step forward with all the full signal transmission that are uncompressed. This eliminates the latency in delivering realtime feeds in hi-resolution and crisp image that are unequaled among other TVL platform.

Day – Night Surveillance


The heavy-duty metal material of the 800+ TVL cameras is built with the 3.6mm lens and a wide 75 degree viewing angle together with the 24 high intensity IR-LEDs designed for night vision with extraordinary clarity that is able to capture night images of up to 65 feet. The infrared mode of the cameras automatically gets activated when presented in low lighting conditions. And with the uncompressed signal transmission of the system wherein it is delivered in realtime, not to mention without any delay or loss, will find any intruder into the premises to be unfortunate enough. This is because when they pass through the 960H system, their move will be illuminated and then captured in detail.

Remote Viewing


One thing that a lot of home security systems that lacked as of recently is the remote access to view the cameras or any alert notifications coming from the system. Amcrest has fully utilized the feature of remote viewing on PC and even on mobile devices. The new generation of security systems these days, including that of Amcrest is revolutionizing closed-circuit surveillance by creating remote access into one reality. All the camera channels in the system are encrypted in HTTPS and will run on the network using the box unit as its central hub. Access to the system will be easier to protect compared to doing it on the IP-based systems wherein the cameras can be used as points of entry. Going over the internal UI, the manufacturer also created a beautifully groundbreaking interface for the use of remote management or through viewing the 960H system using the smartphone or common web browsers on the computer.



Customer Feedback

Out of those that have already bought the system, around 65% of them were extremely satisfied with how the surveillance system worked for them. Some of those that gave a 5 star rating on the system also gave detail information regarding whether or not the system truly lives up to its name and claims.

With the high resolution feature, it may seem amazing to some, but for those needing the basic security features, this is highly unnecessary. Higher resolution does take up a lot of hard disk space and a 500GB already built-in spec into this system will only get a few days’ worth of recording. However, you can adjust this setting when you set up the system in your home or commercial space.

Its huge HDD capacity might be a plus, but with security systems built with notifications or alerts to owners about sudden unwanted activity detected, this is useless as well. You will only need an evidence of the video clip showing intrusion of someone, not an entire month’s worth of recorded activity.

Color at night is even more useless, as most systems switch onto monochrome mode during the dark. You should also not expect the infrared LEDs to produce high detailed picture beyond about the 20.

[Crazy Deals] Sannce 8CH 960H DVR/1080P Onvif NVR Security Camera System with 4x 800TVL Superior Night Vision IR Cut Leds Outdoor CCTV Camera (Full 960H, HDMI/VGA/BNC Output, Weatherproof Housing, P2P Technology/E-Cloud Service, Smartphone QR Code Scan Quick Access, PC Easy Remote Access, No HDD) Reviews

When you are looking for a good and handy camera to monitor the activities at home, you need to take a good look at what the market offers first. You know that there are a number of names and brands that are likely to crop up if you are going to look for a suitable surveillance system. Since not all of these items will be up to par for what you need, it is always essential that you are aware of what it is that you need. With so many options to select from, it can be sometimes confusing to decide which of these times will work best for the kind of home setting that you will want to have them installed at.

It does help top take the time to get to know these options first before you make the choice you need to see the detail of these units before you will make the choice to finally settle for one and have it installed in your home you know that it can affect the sense of security in your residence especially when you are not around to oversee things. So, being aware of the many actors that you are supposed to be looking into before you decide is important.

Since Sannce seems to be offering something new and relevant to the field of surveillance and monitoring, taking a look at the latest cam that it has put out on the market would be a good idea. This would be a good time for you to take a closer look at its design, its style its function, and the features that it is equipped with. Then, you can see for yourself id this is indeed one security camera system that will be worth its price.


Full 960H DVR


This is a camera that features four times the 800TVL. This provides images that are going to be sharp enough to allow one to see the details that they contain no matter the times of the day r the night that they are captured. It does not matter what the weather is too, this is a camera that can capture good images without fail.


Built-in IR Cut Filter


This is a feature that ensures that under all lighting conditions. Only true colors can be captured by the camera day or night. This is a DVR device too and is equipped with necessary ports to allow it to successfully come up with the right video output. In this case, this is a camera that is compatible with HDMI, BNC, and VGA ports.


Easy Remote Access


One of the things that users of this camera would expect is to be able to use it for remote accessing. Everybody wants to see what their home front is like when they are not inside the house and when they are away. The easy remote access feature of this camera is certainly very helpful at ensuring that you get to see the feed you need even when you are not at home. It is easy to use the device for real time viewing or for recording as well anywhere you are in the world.


Smart Motion Detection


This is a feature that will allow the user to record only when the camera is able to detect motion in the setting where it is supposed to be monitoring. This is a good way of ensuring that the camera is able to start rolling only when there is relevant movement in the space. This is a clever way of actually saving on hard drive space.



  • Decent quality camera- People will be delighted to know that the camera does look like it is made from decent quality materials. This is always a plus among buyers as this can be a great indication that you are looking at something that lasts for a long time. This also allows it to resist the elements.
  • Easy to adjust- Getting the device adjusted to the right angle or the ideal direction for the setting that you want to have it positioned it is easy. There are small screws that can actually be used to ensure that the aim and the positioning of the device are successfully adjusted during the mounting process.
  • Intuitive interface- Every user out there would prefer if they are looking at a unit that is easy to figure out, navigation should be easy for these devices for them to be actually considered ideal. Thus, you are sure that getting into the account and logging in every time you need the cam to roll is going to e an easy enough experience.



  • Hard to export from DVR- It is quite noticeable that getting the videos exported from the DVR. This can be an inconvenience as one can only view the page for the intranet. The plugin that it is using is somehow outdated. There seems to be no firmware that can be used for upgrades as well.
  • Does not recognize USB devices- Another glaring downside to this unit is the fact that it does not support USB devices. You would expect that these kinds of units would be able to offer versatility. But this seems to still be leaving some buyers wanting.
  • OS and menu may be a little too old- The best cameras always see to it that they do not only keep their hardware up to the nines, the same should be true for their software as well. Something has to be done with the rather outdated operating system of this unit otherwise it is going to be a really good choice.
  • Poor night time vision- Buyer of this camera would expect to use it not only in the daytime but during the night as well. So, it is really a little bit disappointing to find that the night vision images and feeds are not that good.



Overall, Sannce is offering a camera that is affordable and has the basic functions of every camera that many a homeowner would actually want to enjoy. This is a good thing as this means that you certainly have something that can be well worth whatever figure you decide to spend when making the purchase. So, if you want to something basic without having the need to spend a lot, this is one choice that will be well worth looking into.



ZOSI HD 800TVL Day/Night 24 Infrared Leds Wide Angle 3.6mm CCTV Camera Home Security Outdoor Waterproof 65ft 20m IR night Vision bullet Camera white (metal case) Review


  1. Outdoor/Indoor camera

This is one of the key features of the ZOSI HD 800TVL. That’s because it provides more versatility for operating the camera indoors or outdoors. This is a critical feature because you can use the cameras inside the various rooms of your home or office, or outdoors around the perimeter of your property. It’s a better option than other cameras that can only be used indoors. Such units can certainly be helpful in boosting security in your home office. However, it’s a plus when you can also use the units outdoors. This provides a more comprehensive security system since it can be used nearly everywhere inside and outside the home or office building. This provides the best option if you’re looking for a security system that will cover your entire home or workplace.


  1. Waterproof

This is an important feature for outdoor cameras in particular. You’ll want to keep the security camera dry and operational when it’s raining, snowing, etc. There are various steps you can take to achieve that goal, such as positioning the unit in places where it’s likely to stay dry.

However, an even better option is to simply choose a waterproof camera. This will help to solve the problem since the components of the camera will be built to stay protected from the elements whether it’s rain, snow, sleet, hail, or other items.

Keep in mind that a weather-proof camera is going to cost most. However, in terms of durability it’s definitely worth the cost. That’s because you can have peace-of-mind knowing that the security camera will be protected and operable even if it’s a heavy rainfall or snowfall. In that case you’ll be 100% sure that the camera will still help to keep your home safe and sound. This is important to ensure that the camera is working in any weather.     


  1. Works on any TV, Security Monitor, or DVR

This provides great versatility because it’s important that the camera be compatible with various types of displays and video recording devices. That’s why this feature is so important. It’s definitely important for the footage to be recorded well. However, it’s also critical that it’s then easy to access, such as via a TV or security monitor. Users should also have the ability to record footage for future reference, such as via a DVR. This makes the ZOSI HD 800TVL and excellent option. You’ll not only be able to capture live-streaming footage, but also view it on a TV/monitor and record it using a DVR. This is a key feature as it provides more versatility when using the video camera.   


  1. Aluminum camera housing

It’s important that the security camera is as durable as possible. This unit has an aluminum camera housing, which helps to achieve that goal. For example, if the camera gets bumped the casing will help to protect the unit. That’s true whether you use it as an indoor or outdoor camera.

Another key feature of the aluminum housing is that it helps to provide better protection against the elements. That’s also critical if you want to keep your camera up and running. One way to help ensure that is to choose a security camera with a weather-proof housing.  


  1. 65ft/20m night vision

There are times when this will be a critical feature whether it’s indoors or outdoors. In that situation you’ll want to make sure that you can capture footage at nighttime, and within a moderate distance from the camera. If that’s your goal then the ZOSI HD 800TVL is a good choice. It will help to guarantee that you’ll be able to detect when there’s a suspicious person around your home or office. It’s critical for making sure that the camera is able to capture them on video footage. That’s why you should definitely consider this unit instead of others.


  1. Bullet Camera

You’re heard of a bullet and a camera, but how about a bullet camera? It might seem that it has something to do with the security that the camera provides, such as protection from intruders or something like that. However, in fact, the name of the camera is due to its shape and size.

They’re small cameras and have a fixed focal length lens. One drawback is that such cameras might produce images with corners that are a little cut off due to the design/shape of the camera. However, it typically won’t have a major effect on the functioning of the camera.

On the other hand, the small size of the camera makes it more versatile. You’ll be able to place it in all sorts of places whether it’s inside or outside a building. On the other hand, when you use larger surveillance cameras it will be more difficult to keep the cameras hidden either inside a building or outdoors. This can cause a security issue as it will be too obvious about the location of the camera.  

You’ll need to determine whether or not it’s worth possibly sacrificing the footage quality a little in order to make the camera easier to conceal. Both issues are important in terms of the functionality of the camera. However, you should consider various issues before deciding whether or not it’s the right camera for you. In some cases you might need to have a picture that’s as clear and complete as possible. However, in other situation the ability to conceal the camera might be more important for security purposes.  



reThe ZOSI HD 800TVL has received generally good reviews on Amazon. About two-thirds of Amazon customers have given the camera positive reviews. In particular it’s received positive reviews for the value the security provides for the price. In fact, at least one customer shared that they caught a thief during the first week they used the device. An image from the camera shows a car being broken into across the street.

In fact, some customers shared that they’re planning to replace some of their other cameras with a ZOSI HD 800TVL. That’s because they were so pleased with their purchase.


ZOSI 4PCS Megapixel 720P Wireless Outdoor IP Camera System



  1. Wireless 4CH 960P NVR Kit With 1TB Hard disk


  1. Easy Setup

This is definitely one of the things to look for when comparing different security cameras. In today’s busy world it’s important to choose a camera that doesn’t take several hours to setup. Not only can it require a ton of time, but it can also be quite challenging. That’s why you should consider this camera from Zosi. It’s easy to set up and won’t take a ton of time. That saves time and effort, so you can start using the device sooner rather than later, which makes it more practical over other items.  


  1. Wireless  

This is one of the key features of the camera. It provides many benefits such as avoiding a bird’s nest of wires. There are other benefits. It also provides more versatility about where you install the security camera. You can put it nearly anywhere indoors or outdoors, which is a plus compared to cameras that have wires.

Not only that, but wireless technology has been improving greatly in recent years. As a result not only are such units convenient, but they’re better than before since factors such as their range have improved as well. This makes the units much easier to operate and allows you to connect the devices to PCs and mobile devices much easier. This allows easy monitoring of your home, office, etc.

Another major benefit of wireless cameras is the aesthetic value. Besides the wires being tough to deal with, you won’t have to worry about a long line of cord streaming across the outside of your home or office building. Instead, there are no unsightly wires to deal with, and it’s also easier to keep the camera hidden.

As a word of caution, it’s important to keep in mind that some cables are required to connect the unit to a power adapter so there’s power to the security camera. However, all of this is explained in the instructional manual, to make it easier.


  1. 720-pixel video recording

It’s important that video footage in general be crisp and clean. However, it’s especially important in the case of security cameras. That’s because it’s critical to get a clear image of any intruders inside or outside your home. This Zosi camera is a good choice because the high-quality video recording will help to make sure that any recordings are good enough to detect potential thieves who try to break into your home. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid, and it’s easier to do that when a security camera captures quality footage.

On the other hand, if the footage captured isn’t clear it can raise questions about who’s trying to break into your home. It’s certainly worth spending a little extra money to make sure the resolution of your camera is good enough to capture high-quality footage whether you’re home or away, and any time of the day.   


  1. Remote View

Another major benefit of this security camera is that it provides remote view through various types of devices. That can include a PC, smartphone, or tablet. The company provides a free app that allows you to access the camera’s footage from basically anywhere just so there’s web connectivity. Not only that, but since the app is free you don’t have to worry about spending money before downloading it. That’s likely a situation you’ll want to avoid as it would add to the total cost of your security camera. On the other hand, since the app is 100% you don’t have to worry about extra costs related to the security camera.   


  1. Motion detection recording

This is yet another important feature that’s critical for the Zosi security camera. When you’ve turned on this feature you’ll get e-mail alerts whenever the camera’s motion detection is activated. This is convenient as you’ll be notified whenever there’s an intruder outside or inside your home.

There are times when the motion detector will pick up movement that isn’t a person such as a potential thief who’s trying to break into your home when you’re away or even when you’re home. However, what’s important is that this feature can be critical in helping to detect intruders. Not only that, but you’ll be informed automatically so you won’t have to worry about constantly observing streaming video from your security camera. Not only is that time-consuming but it could also cause you to miss an event that the motion detection tech picks up.  


  1. Built-in security

This is an important feature for security cameras as you’ll want to avoid third parties being able to send a hack attack and gain access to footage of your security camera. Recently the importance of camera security has increased, which has made security cameras better.

When we think about camera security we tend to focus on the footage that’s captured. That’s certainly important as it helps to secure your home better. On the other hand, it’s also critical that outside parties to not be able to access the footage. That’s because it’s critical for the safety of your household, office, and so on.



ghThis security camera has received mostly good reviews on Amazon. About three-quarters of users have given the security camera a rating of 5 or 4 years. The cameras have received good feedback for various reasons including the price, image quality, and other factors. In addition, many customers have been pleasantly surprised about the quality of the camera’s cables.

The camera has received high marks for meeting most of the needs of owners. They’re excellent for area surveillance and especially in homes. Also, the quality of recording is relatively good. However, when video needs to record close objects, the cameras have to be moved closer to the target area.

The quality of the camera will never be better than DVR quality. However, it’s important to consider the value that the camera provides. Even though the cost is low, the quality provided is relatively good, which is something to keep in mind.


ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR with 700TVL cameras Security System

UIOne of the latest and so far one of the best security system that was released by ZMODO is this 8CH 960H DVR with 700TVL cameras security system. This new security system is equipped with new features that are very ideal in securing either your home or business. It is designed for an easy use since you can set up the whole system including hardware and cable connection with no special tools required and would allow to view the videos to your smart phone, smart TV’s , and external monitor.  This system produces the clearest analogue surveillance image possible for exceptional viewing on widescreen monitors or TV screens and with the use of this you can watch your home from anywhere, at any time.


Features of   ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR with 700TVL cameras security system


    • Goes with 960h high resolution. This provides larger and more detailed high quality video it has a digital zoom feature that will allow you to get a closer view of live or recorded video. And if you’re viewing it on big monitors you won’t be bothered by pixelated videos because this 960H provides widescreen images by default so the pixel ratio will fill widescreen monitors and TV thus allows you to view the videos without any distortion.
    • Intelligent Recording. This 960H DVR includes a normal recording mode and a new intelligent recording but you don’t have to choose which recording mode you would prefer to have.  It can record all cameras continually and motion detection. This has a special feature that whenever a motions is detected it records real-time @ 25fps, displaying detailed image and no movement detected it will record non real time @ 5 fps which will help you save disc space.
    • Alerts you if there is a motion detected. This has an option to set up email alerts with snapshot attachments of the incident to notify them whenever movement is detected and Enable push alerts via your Zsight App and you will receive alerts for any activity your cameras capture. Thus if you’re having a long day and doesn’t want to check out you security system don’t worry since you’ll be alarmed for any motion detected by your security system. Motion detector is extremely sensitive to detect motion so even just simple bush blowing in the breeze will be detected as motion which is a good thing.
    • Multiple monitor view options. You can view the videos live on your phone with the aid of the ZSIGHT app, as well as with HDMI monitor or you can do it using your TV and PC monitor.
  • Camera   features are awesome. It goes with exceptional image quality with 700 TV lines of resolution and a pixel size of 976x 494 that helps you secure your property. The clarity is excellent both day and night. It takes Wide Angle Coverage Capturing 70° horizontal field of view. The cameras are encased in IP 65 rating weatherproof aluminum metal which will fork either indoor or outdoor. And it has a Versatile Mounting Options that allows you the camera to be mounted either vertical or horizontal movement
    • Remote access can be done conveniently. You can make use of your smart phone, tablets or pc to do a remote access. Just make sure that your device has a compatible software. Devices with  iOS 6 up and Android version 2.3 up would be good for this device
  • Compatible with different operating system. This device is compatible with  Windows XP/ Vista / 7 / 8, IE Internet Explorer
  • Playback Video options. You can go to the settings and play back all the recordings, then make a clip if you want to, and delete whatever you don’t want.
  • Up to 4tb storage capacity. The package goes with 1TB Hard Drive Pre-installed in the DVR but you can upgrade it up to 4 TB.
  • Affordable Price. Compare to the others this security system is very cheap .Based on customer reviews you can spend a lot more for an IP based system but if you want something complete and inexpensive then you should check out this product and it provides 2 years warranty upon purchase.


Simple Remote Access Set-up of your security system

Here are the steps to set up the remote access of your security system. First, Connect the DVR to the Cameras & a Monitor. The setup is very easy, cables connections are ready to use and you don’t need any extra tool to set up your connection. You can follow the instruction on the Quick Guide that is included in the package or you can visit http://surveillance.zmodo.com/ for you to see online instructions. The DVR contains HDMI, VGA and BNC connection if you would prefer to connect it to an external monitor and the like. Second is connecting to your wireless connection. You cannot view your camera system without internet connection. Then Download the Zsight App and register an account for you to view your camera system and finally scan the QR-Code on your DVR and Enjoy Live Viewing, that easy.

We often think of our security and the security of our family that is why we are investing in this kind of security devices. If you’re considering of buying a surveillance system then investing your money in this security system would be quite reasonable. With the entire best feature given above at an affordable price plus the 2 years warranty I believe it’s a quite a deal. It is a high quality security system that would definitely satisfy yours and your family security needs. If you have to leave your house or office and needs to check out your children or to check what’s going on around then this answers your problem. Not extravagantly expensive yet provides you the service that you need.  If you’re still in doubt you can always check it out with consumer reviews just to give you a hint about the product but to some up I believe this product is excellent.


Sannce 8CH Full 960H Security DVR & 1TB Hard Drive Home Security System + 4 HD CCTV Bullet Cameras, 800TVL High Resolution IP66 Weatherproof, Day/Night IR-Cut Built-in Review




  1. DVR equipped

This is a key issue because not only is it critical for a camera to capture quality footage, but it’s also important to record it immediately. Since this security camera is DVR-equipped you won’t have any problems with that issue.

This will of course increase the cost of the camera. However, it’s certainly a plus since the device contains a DVR, and you won’t have to connect the security camera to a stand-alone DVR. If you don’t already own such a recording device it can be somewhat expensive. However, with this security camera from Sannce you won’t have to worry about it since the DVR is already included with the unit.


  1. Built-in USB port

This provides the easiest way to back up/transfer video clips to two devices. That includes a USB flash drive or external USB hard drive. When using a security camera one of the most important issues is the convenience it provides. That involves various aspects of the camera including the storage of video. It’s important to back up and transfer data easily. One way to do that is via the security camera’s USB port.  


  1. Motion detect/email alert

This is a great feature as it not only helps to detect suspicious people around your home or office, but also notifies you when the camera picks up such movement. There are times it’s a false alarm, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially in terms of the security of your home or office.


  1. Easy remote access

If you’re worried about being able to access your security camera, you won’t have that problem with this unit. That’s because remote access is fast and easy. You won’t worry about complex and time-consuming network configurations.

Instead, you can access this security camera from anywhere in the world. You just need a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. This is critical as you should be able to easily access the streaming video captured by the camera from anywhere. All you need is a PC, smartphone, or tablet, and Internet connection. This is definitely a plus since you won’t be limited by where you can access the camera’s feed.


  1. Guarantee/Tech support

This security camera from Sannce includes a one-year guarantee and free lifetime tech support. That helps to ensure that the unit will be functional for at least one full year. It’s a plus when you want some assurance that the security camera won’t break down the day after you purchase it. Regardless of how much you spend on a camera, needing to replace it soon after your purchase is likely a situation you’ll want to avoid.

The lifetime tech support is also helpful as it will give you peace of mind that any technical problems during the lifetime of the unit will be handled by the manufacturer. That’s certainly important since even if the unit is a high-quality product, there’s a chance that there will be some technical glitches during the lifespan of the device. In that case the lifetime tech support can help.  


  1. CE & FCC certified

This is critical as it gives you peace of mind that the security camera meets the requirements of the FCC and CE. Does this mean that there’s a 100% chance you’ll be satisfied with the security camera? It doesn’t.

However, since the camera meets these two organization’s requirements it makes the chance that you’ll have a positive experience higher. That’s definitely a plus as there are many cameras on the market, but not all of them meet the high standards of the FCC & CE. They have strict guidelines about requirements for issues such as quality, functionality, reliability, and so on. If you choose a security camera that doesn’t include such certifications you’ll be taking a big risk.     


  1. HDMI/VGA/BNC port

This port is critical for providing multi video output. For example, if you want to want to display the camera’s feed on multiple displays you’ll have that option. When we think about the versatility of a security camera we often focus on the capturing of video. That’s critical. However, it’s also important that the camera also provide multiple options in terms of output. While that can be achieved in several ways, the multi-video output is definitely one of the most effective ways.


  1. IR Cut Filter

This is a great feature of the camera because it helps to provide true color in all lighting conditions. That includes during the daytime or nighttime. Lighting is certainly one of the key issues when using a security camera. Unfortunately sometimes the camera will be operating in a less-than-ideal environment in terms of lighting. However, even in that situation it’s important that that the camera work as effectively as possible. That’s why this is camera from Sannce is an excellent choice. Whether it’s 12:00 noon or midnight you can have confidence that the camera will be able to detect objects around the device.    


  1. High-quality Video Recording

This is one of the top features provided by the Sannce security camera. When capturing and recording video it’s important that the quality of the video is as high-quality as possible. This camera is an excellent choice as it captures high resolution footage. Not only that, but it also offers high-quality video recording. Both of these features add to the quality of the security camera and make it a great choice for anyone in the market for a new security camera.



This security camera has received great reviews at Amazon. In fact, over three-quarters of Amazon customers who bought the unit gave it either 5 stars or 4 stars. It’s generally been reviewed as a good starter security system. However, many reviewers also pointed out that you’ll likely have to build on the system in order to get all the features you want. Other customers pointed out that it’s a great choice for capturing security footage during the day and night. This gives it an edge over cameras that don’t include night vision and only work in the daytime.


Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera reviews

61d4nx9ArgL._SL1000_Some people may even question themselves whether or not they need a dog monitor installed at their homes. The only time that you got to question this about yourself is when you think about how lonely your pet can be at home. There are also instances wherein your pet suddenly behaves in a way you never expected them to be. Some homeowners may even not even consider getting a dog monitor, yet they have no idea how their dogs behave when they are gone for the entire day.

Are you worried that you leave your dog alone at home while you are working? Or are you interested more in what they do when you are away for the entire day. At this moment, there are only two devices that you will need in order to know what your dog is doing, even at this moment. First is any smart mobile device, be this a smartphone or your favorite tablet. The other? A dog monitor. This is a great tool to use at your advantage when you really care about your dog – or in other cases what happens to your home. Just like how home securities have been created to oversee the protection of the entire premises and how you monitor the way your baby behaves or during emergencies, you have something for your dog, too. It may also be used for other pets you have, such as a cat.

Below is a review of one of the best dog or pet monitoring device that you get to use in your life. It is the Petcube.


Product Details

– You get to view the video live in HD with wide angle lens

– Play and exercise with your pets using the built-in laser toy

– You get to listen and chat through the device using its 2-way audio feature

– Customize the Petcube system for your family and friends to access it

– You get to capture videos and photos and share them through various social networks

– You can also use the device to engage with other pet lovers all over the world

– It will require the Petcub Mobile App, which is available free for download

– Compatible with iOS and Android-powered mobile devices

The technology used in Petcube is an elegant one that is built to stand out. It does exactly look like a cube made out of aluminum with curved corners. The camera in this particular device is considered high quality, which can make any owner feel proud to have such a device in their household. You will definitely love the way the device looks like how much you want to interact with your own pets.

Setting up the device is really easy. All you need to do is just follow the instructions. It will only take you a few minutes to prepare everything, including connecting it to Wi-Fi and you are good to go. Petcube can be accessed by as many people as you want, whether you want family or friends to join in the fun, too. The camera is really smooth and compact. It doesn’t really look ugly or clunky. It comes in a modern design that fits nicely into your home.



You use the Petcube by plugging it into the main power and it uses the Wi-Fi to get connected to the internet. It comes in a 4-inch aluminum cube with a face made of black plastic, shielding the laser and camera. Its camera produces 720p HD quality video and a wide 138 degree lens, giving you a better view of how you’re pet is doing in the main room.

The laser utilizes the 5 milliwatt model, so it doesn’t really have any risks at all, like singe marks on your mutt or little tabby kitten. However, you are able to use the laser by dragging your finger onto your smartphone screen, guiding the laser throughout the floor, playing with your doggy or kitty. You can also use them to grab them attention away from whatever behavior they are displaying, especially when they are in their destructive mode.

The access control, which most customers really love, can make the users and its permitted users to access the camera and the app play with the pets as well. The device comes with a special Petcube social media website wherein pet owners gather and share their pets playing into action. There is the public mode offered as well, but it may be too awkward for everyone to join in and see your furry pets.



The specs and other claims made by Petcube have all been relatively proven. This product was first launched in America in the 2014, thus within all these years in the industry and still selling, it has proven its worth. The video helps the pet owners keep a close eye on the activities done by their pets, while the 2-way audio allow the owners to call on their pets and calm them down.

The app can work well on so many devices. It has been proven to work on Android and iOS-powered devices, and most recently with Apple Watch, too. Users will need the app and register the product to link the Petcube with their phone. Once everything is set up, the owners can start playing with the laser. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you don’t point the laser to their face.

The last benefit is how you are able to share the videos and photos with others. It does help keep the pets occupied while they are waiting for their owners to come home.



There were a couple of issues with launching the app in Android users. There are some users that can’t get connected with the Wi-Fi that is running on WEP mode, since the limited network this got can interrupt other settings of the phone’s apps.

The other disadvantage is that there is no Night Mode, thus it will be owner’s responsibility to turn on the lights before they go away during the night to see how their pets are doing for that matter.



Customer Feedback

Most customers who bought Petcube were really more than satisfied with the product that they bought. They also shared their own experiences with the device itself, which they did not only use for their pets, but surprisingly used for humans, too.