Best Wireless Security Cameras 2017

Finding for the best wireless security cameras? Before that, why go for the best wireless security camera system, when you have the other option – the wired cameras? You must have heard from someone you know that has installed one of the best wireless security camera systems in their home, and you are curious as to how it works. Some consumers that have prevented them from considering video camera security systems are because of its complex setup. However, this is not the case with the wireless system. Recently, wireless security camera systems have been growing popular due to the aforementioned reason. Even those who do not have any technical knowledge about security cameras will definitely find it very easy to set it up on their own.

There are a couple of wireless security systems to consider and a number of them are considered the best wireless security systems. Below is a list of the 5 wireless surveillance system reviews that are also considered the best sellers in the industry.


Arlo Q – 1080p HD Security Camera with Audio (VMC3040-100NAS)



– You can stream a live video feed 24/7 and get to watch past recordings at a 1080p HD quality resolution from anywhere and anytime. This is done by accessing it through your computer, tablet or smartphone. It has a 130-degree Field of View lens which enables you to see the entire room.

– You get to save from dealing with subscription fees with the system’s free cloud storage. It will let you view, download and share your recordings from the past seven days without any charge. Contract is not required, either.

– You get to receive immediately alerts through your mobile phone whenever the systems detect a sound or motion.

– The system comes with a built-in speaker and mic, thus enabling a 2-way communication in order for you to listen in and even talk back

– Improved night vision feature that lets you see into total darkness clearly

– Anyone can do the setup on their own. You get to run the Arlo Q system in just ten minutes with using their free web or mobile app.

The amazing feat that most Arlo systems is that it is able to cover up all angles in perfect detail, not to mention they are all in high definition. Buyers of this security system will undoubtedly change the way you look at video security systems, since most of the time the units are designed in a way that will make you experience a new kind of security with its 1080p quality video, 2-way audio and night vision.

Based on the customers who have bought this system, most of them gave positive reviews about. Most customers would observe the first few seconds that they have bought the system and are very keen to find anything bad about high claims regarding the units. As with Arlo Q, one customer had it running for the first 15 minutes to observe its behavior, linking it with the router of the same manufacturer. The setup was very smooth without any hitches. The videos turned out really great, just like how the manufacturer has claimed it to be. The unit is accessible through the computer, tablet or smartphone like it has said it would. The software that comes with this unit turns out to be working properly, despite one customer that had trouble connecting and instead just left their old app to run the system instead.

One thing that they want from this unit that would have done better is by adding a memory slot for the onboard recording in the case the internet or cloud service is down. The app could have also been more intuitive, in their aspect. There is also no ability connect directly through the Ethernet cable, even though if they desire it. However, as of this writing, some of the features that customers want from this product has already been updated to their other model.


Nest Cam security camera



– It is capable of live video streaming 24/7. You get to see your home through your smartphone in 1080p high definition quality. You also get to control the camera with it anywhere you are.

– It is capable of sending alerts to your smartphone. You just need to turn on the sound and motion alerts of the system so that you get to receive any alerts that are happening in your home while you are gone.

– You can talk to and listen to this system. You get to tell your dog to get off the couch if you see them sitting there.

– The setup is easy and fast. You just need to plug in the Next Cam, then download the app of the system so that you can get started. No hub is needed for this feature.

– You don’t get to miss a thing from this wireless system. Owners of this unit only need to subscribe to the Nest Aware in order to get 24/7 continuous recording with robust cloud algorithms that provides users with personalized alerts. Every camera is given a free 30 day trial for this.

Around 60 percent of those who bought this unit gave a high score for using this. This naturally expects you to learn that all of those 60 percent are satisfied with the result that Nest claimed with their unit. It is indeed easy to install, all the functions are to run just as it is expected to do and users were not disappointed with all the claims they made to be performing just as right.

However, as of recent purchases with other customers, they were complaining about how the units suddenly died out after setting up their units. They had a common complaint about it, which was some of the features can really heat up the unit at an incredible rate. These customers gave a warning not to use this unit for security monitor.


Belkin NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi enabled Camera



– This product works well with other WeMo products such as the WeMo Motion Sensor, WeMo Switch, WeMo Light Switch and WeMo Insight Switch

– It can sense lights and motions automatically

– It has high HD wide angle glass lens, thus it is able to produce high definition video that gets you very clear viewing of day and night

– Installing the system is quite easy. All you need is just to set up the camera with your tablet or smartphone in a matter of minutes. There is no need to install it in your computer

– It has a secure connection since the cameras are connected only to the manufacturer’s secure servers.

– It also comes with night vision filter. It enables the user to view more of the recordings during the night even if there is little to no light present in the area.

– Email alerts let users enjoy their peace of mind with the movement detection alarm and the built-in microphone that allow two-way conversations. You can even see who is at the front door while you are doing your work.

– The package includes a mounting kit and screws, power supply, installation guide and the Belkin Netcam HD+

– Buyers need to keep in mind that the unit is not compatible with the Amazon Echo

The push-to-talk feature is one thing that makes this unit stand out. Users do not have to just watch what is unfolding in the scene. This will actually let users communicate directly with anyone they see on their monitor through their smartphone. The unit also works well with WeMo.

As with customer feedback, there were mixed reviews coming from the good and the bad. About 36 percent of those who bought the unit were more than satisfied with the results they got, seeing that all the features that the unit claimed by the manufacturer all functioned well according to their expectations. However, 21 percent of those who bought gave a 1 star rating, showing their dissatisfaction of the product.

Starting with the positive reviews, the setup and configuration was very simple and it does exactly as the manufacturer has stated in the guide. The setup is quite simple – you just need to plug the camera into the power outlet, put the switch on and set up the configuration, and then connect it directly through Wi-Fi. The settings should be configured as desired by the user. The reason why the camera was designed with angle is to let the users save it from having the camera installed with a movement feature, something that expensive cameras have.

The negative feedback have mostly something to do with the subscription fee per camera, poor performance with the camera and how the whole system does not stay connected with the Wi-Fi.


Canary All-in-One Home Security Device



– Stream video in real time at the comfort of your home with the 1080p HD camera of Canary. It has a 147 degree wide-angle lens, high quality audio and automatic night vision

– This is not just a camera – users get to protect their home with the 90+ dB siren of Canary, auto/arm and auto disarm, motion-detect recording and immediate access to local authorities

– It comes with intelligent notifications. You get to receive immediate video alerts through your Android or iOS devices.

– You don’t need any monthly or installation fees or contracts to get accommodated with Canary. Plug in the unit, connect to the web and you are all set. You can even secure a cloud storage with Canary for free.

– Comes with HomeHealth Technology. You get to monitor the quality of the air, humidity and temperature in order to help you understand how the quality of your home affects your health.

This unit comes with a lot of fascinating features, one wherein you get to setup other people to get access to the camera when you miss some notifications. Canary has designed their system to make it easy for friends, familiar and loved ones to look out and protect them. You only need to share the access with other people you can trust, particularly one within the household. The system is able to monitor several locations, so you can have cameras installed not only in your home, but in other places that you own such as in the vacation home, apartment or any other places that you want to be monitored.

As with customer feedback with this particular device as of this writing, it has gathered 59 percent satisfied users from all of those who bought the system. All of them highly recommend this product as it performs up to the task that the manufacturer claims. So far the only bad feedback that this system received is how poor the app is to its performance.


D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera



– This product got the widest angle lens attached to a fix camera with 180 degree ultra-wide view. It will let the user see a lot of their home at a single glance

– Improved motion detects and sounds detect a feature that has 2 PIR sensors, sending you the auto push alerts. This will trigger the recording and saved into the microSD card, which can be viewed on a web portal or the mydlink app.

– Full high definition 1080p video. Crisp and rich detailed image quality guaranteeing users the best video recording and streaming

– Built-in microSDXC/SD card slot that supports up to 128GB capacity, recording approximately one week worth of 1080 recordings. This will be based on sound or motion triggers, continuous recording and schedules.

– Users are able to control, view, or pinch to zoom up to 8 times and also communicate through the 2-way audio using the free mydlink Lite app that is available for download to Android, Windows and iOS phones.

– It also got the Night vision feature, able to capture up to 16 feet into the dark. You will never miss one moment with this unit, whether it is during the day or the night.

Customer feedback is a mix between positive and negative. There are about 40 percent of those who bought the unit to be satisfied with the product, while there are about 25 percent of those that were completely dissatisfied with it. Those satisfied with the product did witness its performance as it is claimed by the manufacturer. Those that were dissatisfied with it mostly have to complain about how the remote access is intermittent.


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