Best Outdoor Security Cameras 2017

Worried about vandalism or theft going on around your neighborhood? You certainly don’t want that to happen to your own home. With these best outdoor security cameras, you no longer have to worry about such things anymore. Not only that, you also get to protect all of the things you care about, including your family. Since there is more than one best outdoor security camera system available in the market, below is a list of outdoor security camera system reviews. Reading each should give you a better image on which of the ones below you should purchase and install in your own home.


Amcrest 960H Video Security System Four 800+ TVL Weatherproof Cameras, 65ft Night Vision, 984ft Transmit Range, 500GB HDD



– Four Hi-Res 800+ TVL Cameras, produces amazing video clarity and quality

– Owners can get a view and at the same time record in widesreen using the remote viewing feature through their iOS- or Android-powered devices. This already includes the Amcrest Link app

– A 500GB HDD that is expandable for up to 3TB, already installed with the right Amcrest surveillance system; able to record continuously for six days at its highest resolution

– Capable of longer recording times for up to thirty days available, with the use of Motion Detection or/and Lower resolution

– It comes with 24 robust IR-LEDs designed for Night Vision – IP66 Outdoor/Indoor Weatherproof Cameras

– Has a long distance transmission range of 984 feet

– For homeowner’s peace of mind, it comes with the USB Backup feature

The Amcrest 960H Video Security System has excellent high resolution video at 30 frame per second in real time. Its 960H video security ability is able to produce a high-def widescreen monitoring with the use of its up-to-date image sensors that enable 34% increased resolution compared to its traditional video security systems. It was thought that 700 was the highest line density for security cameras, but then the 800+ TVL got introduced into the industry.

Setting up the best outdoor surveillance system requires knowledge on how the system works and where the cameras are to be placed. The setup of this video security system is easy, according to the product. The cameras can be connected point-to-point directly into the DVR. This is done without all those complex ‘plug and play’ setup that most security systems implement. The 960H DVR controls all the cameras, making it much simpler to secure the device. This system is also compatible with the old systems that makes use of coaxial connections, thus upgrading into 960H system will be more practical and even easier. What you only need to do is to switch the camera units and its DVR and you get to keep the same coaxial connections that were in the system before.

The feature remote viewing with the use of your mobile device is one thing that all homeowners should have, which is present in this video security system. Most households these days are empty since its occupants are usually out for work or business. The new gen of security systems has able to revolutionize the closed-circuit surveillance wherein remote access is now possible. All the camera channels are encrypted and operate on the network using the DVR acting as its central hub. It will be easier for owners to access the systems based on IP wherein the cameras will act as the points of entry.

The Amcrest Link app is compatible with both iOS- and Android-powered devices. This app is designed for easy setup. You just need to use the camera of your smartphone to scan the QR code attached to the DVR unit, input the name of the device and then tap on ‘Start Preview’. This will get you connected to the system. The Live View of the app includes several options such as zoom, tilt or pan – which is accessible when the PTZ cameras are all connected. You can toggle to different channel views, customize the video screens, and switch between the sub- and main streams, capture screenshots, record video to the internal storage of your phone and even toggling on sound. The app also includes the Playback Interface so that you can record files locally and can be viewed immediately on your phone anywhere and anytime you want.

The review from customers that bought this video security system has mostly been positive. The common feedback is that it does provide what it has actually claimed, but one customer gave a warning that the system itself is not for the average consumer.


ZOSI 1/3” CMOS 1000TVL 960H CCTV Home Surveillance Weatherproof 3.6mm lens with IR Cut Bullet Security Camera – 42PCS Infrared LEDs, 120ft IR Distance, Aluminum Metal Housing



– HD 960H 1000 TV Lines, comes with day and night vision for high quality resolution

– Housing is resistant against vandalism and weather; able to withstand the toughest conditions dealt outdoors

– 42 high intensity infrared LEDs which is capable of recording up to 120 feet night vision

– Comes with Auto Gain Control and the Back Light Compensation for optimal quality image in any lighting condition

– 3-Axis mountain bracket, a wire protection that is vandal-proof, aluminum camera housing


This video camera system can actually bring improvement to your existing system, especially if your house or establishment is running on bundled low-priced cameras. Customer that bought this system mostly had positive reviews, especially with how amazing the results were when the systems were already installed. They say that the image produced by the cameras were as good as all other cameras that they have used previously. There are those that say they prefer a wider angle if possible. The clear picture produced by the cameras is indeed amazing, as it is claimed by the manufacturer. The image for its night vision is perfectly clear, especially during playback. This was even compared to other video security camera systems that have existed before.

As always, every video camera systems come with negative feedback, and this particular model is no exception. Some customers say that the video quality of the night vision is too dark, even though the quality of the image is crisp and clear. Also, there is one customer that said some of the cameras of their system did not look right during the night. After a month from purchase and installing the system, the cameras started collecting water within and then it fogged all over, which only diminished the quality of the entire system. However, this is only from one customer and such cases were very rare. Others got a dud when the system was delivered to their doorstep. Some say that their boxes keep restarting for a couple of hours and the video was not clean or crisp as they have expected.


Alytimes Sricam Metal Gun Type Waterproof Outdoor Bullet WIFI IP Camera



– 1280×720 megapixel H.264 Intelligent Internet HD IP Camera quality

– Onvif 2.4 great compatibility with CMS and NVR from other manufacturers

– Night vision and a waterproof 3.6mm wide angle lens

– Highly compatible with b/g/n routers. The unit requires the 2.4GHz band; you will need to connect your smart mobile device to the 2.4GHz network before you sync to the camera

– Keep note that the box supports both Smartphone video recording and Micro SD storage

– P2P, no need for DDNS and Port Forwarding

– Supports motion detect alarm, whistle alarm and phone push alarm

– WiFi setup without any need for LAN cable. The system’s entire setup can be done through a phone app.


Customers that have used this system have been grateful that it does not only support one platform when connected with computers. The Sricam camera requires a wireless 2.4GHz router connection that has its own SSID. The camera will not work on the 5GHz standard as of the moment. If your current system comes with a dual-band router, you have to make sure to segregate the wireless channels then connect the system’s camera to the 2.4GHz channel. When you setup the Wi-Fi, there are a couple of times that it will not proceed to the next step automatically. It may seem that way to you, but you may have already setup the system successfully. You only need to type in the camera ID and its password manually in order to access the camera to see which one is offline. Keep in mind that the camera does not support email alert.


Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras- 4Pack-HD Outdoor/Indoor Wi-Fi IP Cameras with Night Vision and Easy Remote Access



– Quick and easy setup. Power up the camera and all you need is one click to complete the configuration of the network.

– Connectivity support 2.4GHz Wireless, yet not compatible with 5GHz.

– Resolution quality of 720p HD. The image produced is both clear and detailed.

– IR Night Vision – you are able to see what is going on in the dark with the system’s automatic infrared lights. Capable of recording of up to 80 feet night vision.

– You always get to stay connected with the system, with its seamless stream video through the Zmodo app. The Zmodo app supports both iOS and Android devices. You can also connect this feature using any internet browser and visit You will then receive smart motion detect alerts.

– Camera housing is weatherproof. The cameras can be installed outdoors and/or indoors to cover all aspects of your home that you want protected.

– It comes with 3 years warranty and lifetime support. There are no monthly fees charged to it or does it require a service contract.

Most customers that have bought this system have positive feedback. Some say that they are already satisfied with how the product came to be, although they are looking forward for more improvement if the app can be improved as well. As of the moment, the app does not have all the features that it should have or the things that owners are expecting it to have, not to mention the whole app is buggy. The nice thing about this system is that the cameras are built robust and the picture it produces are very clear. The setup is very simple as well. You can find shots of the recordings online that are taken by those who bought the unit. One negative aspect of the unit that most customers have about is that they wanted the system to have a reset button.


Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 1080p WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera – IP66 Weatherproof, 1080P (1920TVL), IP2M-842


– Full HD 1080p video that runs at 30 frames per second. Playback and Record functions make use of the Amcrest or the Blue Iris, FTP, or ONVIF NVR. It comes with an optional Amcrest Cloud Video Recording service.

– Amazing Field of View that comes with 72 degree Wide Viewing Angle, IR LED Night Vision with range of up to 98 feet and Intelligent Digital Zoom

– Quick Setup with Wi-Fi through Android or iOS smartphone using the Amcrest View App, which is already included in the package. It produces a seamless streaming video directly to any mobile device such as tablets or smartphones; it can also be streamed directly to your Windows PC or Apple Mac

– You get to stay connected with email snapshots or alerts, Intelligent Motion Alerts and also web and mobile apps that support Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

– All its cameras are FCC and CE certified that comes with the 10-foot power supplies UL compliant. Owners get to receive a one-year full US Warranty and a lifetime support directly provided from the manufacturer.

This particular unit shares similar amazing features with the first video camera security system. The advantages of this system are first: the setup is very simple and straightforward, at least for most customers who have bought this unit. This is because they have read through the comprehensive guide which explains every step, depending on where you are going to go with your setup. This can be desktop or mobile. Second advantage is that the amazing image quality. It also works well during nighttime. Its camera provides 1080p at 15 frames per second. Playback is smooth, although it will show a slight stutter when watching the cameras on live feed.

The only disadvantage of the unit is its software. This is probably the difference with the software using BlueIris. Another disadvantage is the reset cables, warning consumers that it is not for everyone.


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